Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Boycott Bali? Boycott Australia!

From a very smart person that wrote on the comment on this blog:
Let us for a moment believe that Corby's claims are true, that an Australian in Australia placed the drugs into her bag in an Australian airport for transportation to another Australian airport to be removed by a fellow Australian baggage handler.

Said Australians therefore know that

(a). They have blown a domestic drug deal intended for Australia's streets and

(b). That a fellow Australian is innocent and is rotting in a foreign jail. Said Australians have had seven months to come clean and free a fellow innocent Australian from a foreign jail and from their collective consciences. These Australians however have remained steadfast in their silence, condemning a fellow Australian to 20 years of foreign incarceration.

As much as every bogan out on the street is shouting for a boycott of bali, I am finding it difficult to understand their logic.

Oh yes, it was the balinese that placed the drugs in her bag. It was the balinese that had not stood up for the Australian for seven months knowing all too well that their drug trade had gone bust, it was those evil balinese street merchants and hotel cleaners that have framed Corby through their silence.

Had any foreign national been caught with drugs entering this country and claimed that one had placed said items in their bags, would Australian custom officers react any differently?

I doubt Aussie custom officers would have a quiet chuckle with the accused smuggler and let them on their way.

The real evil are those Aussies that if we take Corby's words as truth, indicted her to a life of incarceration based on their cowardice.

The only logical step that the general public can take is to Boycott Australia!!

Ban Australia now for sending this girl to her hell!!!!

Boycott Australia!

Monday, May 30, 2005

10 pieces of evidence that went against Corby

I told you she's Guilty.

Read this from The Age: 10 pieces of evidence that went against her

10 pieces of evidence that went against her

1. The vacuum-sealed marijuana was in a boogie board bag that Corby admitted owning.

2. Customs official Gusti Nyoman Winata said he asked Corby to open the bag, but she unzipped only a front pocket. "When I opened it a bit, she said: 'No'," Mr Winata said. "I asked: 'Why?', and she said: 'I have some,' and looked confused." Mr Winata added that she blocked his hand to stop him opening the main zip.

3. Corby disputed Mr Winata's version, but there was no CCTV system in operation to support her denial.

4. A second customs official said Corby admitted owning the drugs.

5. Corby failed to notice the bag's extra weight. Her excuse was that the bag's handle had been broken on the way to Bali, meaning she had to drag it.

6. While Australian baggage handlers have since been linked to an airport cocaine-smuggling ring, which was in operation on the date Corby flew to Bali, there has never been any suggestion or evidence of them trafficking marijuana.

7. A drug dealer employing baggage handlers would be highly unlikely to smuggle four kilograms of marijuana into Brisbane airport and then into a stranger's bag, just to send it on to Sydney. Such a task would further require another handler at Sydney to sneak it out of the bag and hide it while attempting to get it out of the airport. As road haulage experts have confirmed, smug-glers could avoid this by sending it by road.

8. Prosecutors claim the plastic bag was the same size and shape as the boogie board bag, suggesting it had been organised to fit, as opposed to being stuffed in by someone else, such as baggage handlers.

9. Hydroponic marijuana is highly sought after among cashed-up expatriates and tourists in Bali.

10. Had Corby been aware of the drugs and had her bag been properly secured with a padlock, there would have been no chance of her claiming that the marijuana had been planted in her bag.

-Eamon Duff

Clueless People at BanBali.com

Click over here: http://www.banbali.com/
... The sole aim of BanBali.com is to create political pressure from Australians, the Australian Government and the Balinese people to have the Indonesian Government bring into Indonesian law the scope for “Unconditional Presidential Pardons” for international prisoners and then pardon Schapelle Corby...
Good. Don't come to Bali. Indonesian people don't need your drugs money anyway.

List of Australians in international prisons

The list is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australians_in_international_prisons

Mostly DRUGS related cases.





United States


Hong Kong


Corby's father is a convicted drug dealer

Ah is it genetics?
Michael Corby
Family history ... Michael Corby is pictured at home.

SCHAPELLE Corby's father has admitted he was caught with drugs at a similar age to his 27-year-old daughter, but - like her - says the cannabis "wasn't mine".

"I got a $400 fine for about 2g of marijuana which wasn't mine. Some girl had it and they busted the whole joint and I had to go along for the ride," Michael Corby told The Weekend Australian last night.

And six weeks before Ms Corby landed at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport with 4.1kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag, her half-brother Clinton Rose was locked up in a Queensland jail.

Rose will get out in about four months while Ms Corby will find out in six days whether a Bali court decides to accept the prosecution's recommendation of a life sentence - or worse - or set her free as an unwitting drug mule.

The colourful family history also extends to new friends. As the verdict approaches, tensions within the family have emerged over a deal Ms Corby's self-appointed white knight, Ron Bakir - a discharged bankrupt - has attempted to strike to ensure he gets 50 per cent of proceeds from likely book and film deals arising from her ordeal.

Some family members, including Mr Corby, expressed concern over the proposed profit-sharing arrangement.

The revelations about Mr Corby's brush with the law in the early 1970s and Rose's background come despite the Corby clan repeatedly insisting that no member of the family had a criminal history or was involved with the drug trade.

More: Corby's dad busted for drugs [News.com.au]

Schapelle Corby is innocent?

Yeah right, here some pointers if you really think she's innocent:

  • Get the real owner of the drugs to speak.
  • Find the airport worker who planted the drugs.
  • Put the whole Corby family through a lie-detector test. Maybe someone planted the drugs on her.
  • Put the customs officers through a lie detector test.
  • Put Schapelle though a lie detector test to jog her memory. Maybe there is a piece of evidence she has forgotten.
  • Put Dodgy Ron Bakir through a lie detector test to see what his real motives are regarding this case.
  • Put a bounty out for evidence leading to the conviction of the real drug owner.

  • From: http://www.baliblog.com/05-05/schapelle-corby-is-innocent.html

    When u guys managed the above, then we can talk some more. :)

    I think Schapelle Corby is GUILTY

    From what I read I just know that Schapelle Corby is GUILTY